What Happens When We Share Together (at Mealtime and Beyond…)

Social Worker Margie Mapes speaks from the voice of the child to express what happens when we share more than food at mealtime.

  1. 1. I learn I am important.
  2. 2. I learn my voice, my ideas, are worth listening to.
  3. 3. I learn I can have different feelings from those I love and still be accepted. It is OK to be different.
  4. 4. I learn to listen to others, and that I deserve to be listened to, too.
  5. 5. I learn to be curious.
  6. 6. I learn about sympathy and empathy, and they are not easy to learn.
  7. 7. I learn I can be safe.
  8. 8. I learn I can have my questions respected.
  9. 9. I learn it is OK to ask.
  10. 10. I learn it is OK to share my feelings and have them respected.
  11. 11. I learn about or family values.
  12. 12. I learn about my grandparents, I learn about my great grandparents. I learn about those whom have passed. I learn my family history.
  13. 13. I learn I am special.
  14. 14. I learn I am loved. I am valuable.
  15. 15. I learn to give support.
  16. 16. I learn how to be a friend.
  17. 17. I learn about scary things, about illnesses and death. I learn you will take care of me if I need help.
  18. 18. I learn to feel connected.
  19. 19. I learn I am unique, which is good.
  20. 20. I learn about diversity and differences.
  21. 21. I learn about respect. I learn to feel respected and I deserve that.
  22. 22. I learn about trust.
  23. 23. I learn to say “I love you” because you say it too.
  24. 24. I learn it is OK to cry.
  25. 25. I learn it is OK to be scared.
  26. 26. I learn I can ask questions.
  27. 27. I learn to trust you will tell me the truth.
  28. 28. I grow.
  29. 29. I form healthy habits that can last a lifetime.
  30. 30. I learn to feel good about myself.
  31. 31. I learn I am capable. I CAN.

And lots, lots more. Remember these feelings and skills are all transferable from inside me with my family, into my heart. So, please, please, do not give up when I do not respond the first time you try. I really need you to help me grow.

About Marjorie

Margie Mapes is a social worker for children, adolescents and their parents. She is a warm and caring individual who strongly advocates for young people. She instinctively relates to and understands children. Margie has done extensive training in Santa Barbara, California with Violet Oaklander, author of Windows to Our Children. She uses Violet’s highly effective model in her work with her clients. Margie’s dynamic therapeutic skills in listening, melting and supporting is known to engage young children and adolescents in exploring all parts of their selves. She finds deep satisfaction in helping parents learn to be the best parents possible by teaching them to be genuine, emotionally available and consistent. Margie is the “voice of the child” for our parenting program, Parenting from Your Heart, which is offered to our community and many local schools. Currently, Margie has moved into teaching the Oaklander Gestalt Play Therapy model to qualified clinicians.

Marjorie Mapes, LISW-S, RPT-S

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