Go Around the Table

Teens want to talk about religion, curfews, peer pressure, dating, and substance abuse. It's tough, but bring these subjects up at the table. * All parents want their kids to open up. They want them to share what's going on inside of them and really let them know what's happening. What most parents don't think about is that kids don't learn how to be vulnerable through osmosis. One of the primary ways kids learn to share what's inside of them is by watching their parents model the behavior.

The best way to start those crucial conversations with your children is to ask questions during mealtime that the whole family answers. Be the leader. Speak up and share first.*

  • Tell your children about a time you got in trouble
  • Share your biggest fears in life
  • Admit one thing you were afraid to ask your parents
CASAColumbia, National Center on Addition and Substance Abuse, 2005.

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Mealtime Matters.

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